Happy 2nd Birthday, Seamus! All the best buddy. Chuggin’ along. http://bit.ly/11Mve2J

Thankfully it’s a VERY long season. #hockeypoolssuck #yesthats5injuries http://bit.ly/1qQfUrA

Stop telling me what to do. http://bit.ly/1tyLy3F

I, “the non-horror guy”, has promised to watch this by Halloween. I’ve got this. Maybe. #halloween #texaschainsawmassacre http://bit.ly/1vfw7Mo

Too. Soon. #xmas #waituntilafterRemembranceDay http://bit.ly/1r6nbCN

FYI - Holiday traffic having it’s way with the Ferries. #norush http://bit.ly/1qWcz9q

Do Not Make Thanksgiving an Excuse http://ift.tt/1jxl24K http://bit.ly/1ro9TBo

Two moments happened today that made me think of Thanksgiving. First, an older man I was behind at the Subway sandwich queue was taking his time finding that one dime that would help with his getting back exact change. Second, as I walked along my street, I looked in to a neighbouring apartment building to see a…

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Where am I? Some late night loner #walkingyyj #yyj http://bit.ly/1qBHKqp

Limitations aren’t necessarily bad things. #walkingyyj http://bit.ly/1qyxBLb

The view from our buffet table. Beauty view and tummy full of delicious food. Well played #yyj. http://bit.ly/1uNY66K