Triple purpose: a) beautiful sunrise. B) showed I got up early c) running was involved

Mustardy Mushroom Stew a la Tasha Gooch. Happy to partake.

And I caught it. Late afternoon frisbeeing is kinda great.

This is about to get real. #boardgamesareawesome

After many moves, milestones and memories, I say good-bye to Senior Hat. (Russel Fact: Bought in 1991 at Epcot Centre in Florida. Brought back as carry-on).

The road ahead. Physically and metaphorically. #latenightrun #roadto40

Some fun with graffiti. (Not mine) #muchlatergram

Tough day. Last pic with this guy. He’s off to make a home in Kingston Goodbye Captain. (Those eyes might be a little red)

Beautifully timed to the music.

Some of the many names of Seattle. #seattle