Honoured to be on the Top 15 Influential Customer Service Experts to Follow on Twitter. Hey, it includes @shephyken #custserv #custexp http://bit.ly/1nHNe8y

Who’s birthday was it?! That girl - @kirstencluett (The photo may have been altered to protect innocents from a hideous expression). http://bit.ly/1rvN9UW

Good evening Victoria. #yyj http://bit.ly/1qIxmNw

My first Royals game… And I’m with 3 Blazers fans. http://bit.ly/1BjlLuv

My first Royals game! http://bit.ly/1vclkCg

A friend of mine recently made me write this. #roadto40 http://bit.ly/Yl0dRh

It’s like they’re looking right at me. http://bit.ly/1vm4AYx

I never ever never win at these, and yet… http://bit.ly/1CetE6O

My first slushy in 12 years. You want to judge but you feel a little jealousy. http://bit.ly/1ukTdSA

Good Sunday morning Victoria harbour. You look lovely. #yyj http://bit.ly/1tNJwKV